2019 Porsche 911 Coupe and Cabriolet unmasked

Our spies have spotted a series of test mules for Porsche’s 8th generation 911 out winter testing – and, for the first time, they’re bereft of any significant camouflage. As you can see, the mule appears noticeably wider at both the front and rear, with rumours suggesting the increase in track width could be the biggest indication yet that Porsche is testing hybrid technology on its road-going Neunelfer.

Another noticeable point of interest can be found at the rear, Porsche’s test mules sporting an active rear wing that extends across the full width of the 992’s rear humps. The styling of the rear lights looks to follow a design parallel with that of the newly-released Panamera.

Porsche’s next-gen 911 is tipped to feature yet more active aerodynamic aids, with a current Turbo-style retracting spoiler at the front of the car  a possible option (like the 991 Turbo with front spoiler retracted, the test mules in our pictures appear with an exaggerated gap between the ground and its front bumper). In terms of power, history tells us the Carrera and Carrera S models, as seen here, will benefit from a hike of no more than 25hp.

Last year we told you how the new 992 generation looks set to ride on a shared chassis, with turbocharging likely to feature across the entire lineup. A hybrid system could be an option by 2020, though Total 911 isn’t yet aware of any pure electric technology being tested on its world famous sports car.

We’ve posted a selection of our pictures below for you to take a look; be sure to bookmark Total911.com in your browser for all the latest spy shots of upcoming Porsche 911 models.


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