2015 Total 911 Awards: Register to attend here

Last night, at 10pm BST, voting in the 2015 Total 911 Awards finally ended. The shortlisted nominations (of which there will be five in each of the ten categories) will be announced later this week, with the winners to be chosen by our elite panel of judges.

While you can no longer have your say in who wins at this year’s Awards, you can still register to attend the lavish London ceremony though, giving you a chance to see the successful nominations pick up their prestigious Total 911 Awards.

The awards night takes place on Thursday 22 October at Hexagon Modern Classics in North London. Not only will the winners be crowned at the evening, there will also be a delectable selection of Porsche exotica on display, as well as an appearance (and Q&A session) from the Urban Outlaw, Magnus Walker.

2015 Total 911 Awards

Starting at 7:30pm, there will be complimentary food and drink on offer to satiate your appetite (if the collection of Zuffenhausen metal on the night isn’t enough).

If your diary is free, you can register your interest in attending right here. And, if your diary isn’t currently free on 22 October, we suggest you make some space and register to attend. It will be an unmissable event for any Porsche enthusiast.

Rewarding excellence within the Porsche 911 industry, the 2015 Total 911 Awards are sponsored by Hexagon Modern Classics, Porsche Design, Poole Accident Repair and JZM Porsche. For more information on how to attend, head to Total911.com/awards now.

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