2006 997 Carrera and Carrera S specs

Just had an email from a reader in Australia who has a 2006 Carrera S and is looking for performance figures. We can go one better and supply a full spec for the car. And here it is for anyone else who’s interested, with the basic Carrera figures included too.

Specifications 911 Carrera / 911 Carrera S

Coupé; monocoque structure; lightweight all-steel bodyshell hotgalvanised
on both sides; full-size, side and head airbags for the
driver and passenger; 2+2-seater.

Drag coefficient Cd = 0.28 (Carrera), 0.29 (Carrera S)
Frontal area: A = 2.00 m2
Cd x A 0.56 (Carrera), 0.58 (Carrera S)

Power unit:
Six-cylinder aluminium boxer engine; water-cooled; engine block
and cylinder heads made of aluminium; four overhead camshafts;
four valves per cylinder; adjustment of valve timing on the intake
camshaft and modification of valve lift (VarioCam Plus);
hydraulic valve play compensation; switchable intake manifold;
integrated dry sump lubrication; two-stage cascade-type catalytic
converter; two oxygen sensors with dual control; engine oil
change 10.3 litres; coolant 31 litres; DME (Digital Motor Electronics)
engine management for ignition, fuel injection and camshaft
adjustment; electronic ignition with solid-state distributor
system (six ignition coils); sequential multipoint fuel injection.

96 mm (3.78″) (Carrera), 99 mm (3.90″) (Carrera S)
82.8 mm (3.26″)
3596 cc (Carrera), 3824 cc (Carrera S)
Compression ratio:
11.3:1 (Carrera), 11.8:1 (Carrera S)
Max output:
239 kW (325 bhp) at 6800 rpm (Carrera)
261 kW (355 bhp) at 6600 rpm (Carrera S)
Max torque:
370 Nm (273lb-ft) at 4250 rpm (Carrera)
400 Nm (295 lb-ft) at 4600 rpm (Carrera S)
Output per litre:
66.5 kW (90.4 bhp) (Carrera)
68.3 kW (92.9 bhp) (Carrera S)
Max engine speed:
7300 rpm
Fuel grade:
Premium Plus (98/88 RON/MON), unleaded
Electrical system:
12 V, 2100 W alternator, battery capacity 70 Ah

*Specifications may vary from one country to another

Power transmission:
Engine and gearbox bolted to form one drive unit; engine power
transmitted via double driveshafts to the rear wheels.

Transmission ratios:                 Manual                 Tiptronic S
1st gear                                   3.91                     3.60
2nd gear                                  2.32                     2.19
3rd gear                                   1.61                     1.41
4th gear                                   1.28                     1.00
5th gear                                   1.08                     0.83
6th gear                                   0.88                      –
Reverse                                   3.59                     3.56

Final drive ratio: 3.44
Clutch diameter: 240 mm (9.45″)
(self-adjusting on the Carrera S)

Chassis and suspension:
Front axle: Spring strut configuration (optimised by Porsche)
with wheel-guiding and independent suspension on track control
and longitudinal arms; cylindrical springs with inner damping;
twin-sleeve gas pressure shock absorbers (with active control
on the Carrera S)
Rear axle: Multi-arm configuration; independent wheel suspension
on five arms; cylindrical coil spring on each wheel with coaxial
inner damper; single-sleeve gas pressure damper (with act ive
control on the Carrera S)


Twin-circuit brake system with circuits split by axles; four-piston
aluminium monobloc brake callipers; cross-drilled, inner-vented
brake discs on the front wheels measuring 318 x 28 mm
(12.52 x 1.10″) diameter x thickness (Carrera) and 330 x 34
mm (13.00 x 1.34″) diameter x thickness (Carrera S), and 299
x 24 mm (11.77 x 0.94″) diameter x thickness (Carrera) and,
respectively, 330 x 28 mm (13.00 x 1.10″) diameter x thickness
(Carrera S) at the rear; PSM 8.0; vacuum brake servo.
178 Specifications • Porsche 911 Carrera / Carrera S

Wheels and tyres:
Front: 8 J x 18 on 235/40 ZR 18 (Carrera);
8 J x 19 on 235/35 ZR 19(Carrera S)
Rear: 10 J x 18 on 265/40 ZR 18 (Carrera);
11 J x 19 on 295/30 ZR 19 (Carrera S)


Unladen DIN 1395 kg (Carrera)
1420 kg (Carrera S)
Max permissible 1810 kg (Carrera)
1820 kg (Carrera S)
Roof load 75 kg


Length 4427 mm
Width 1808 mm
Height 1310 mm (Carrera)
1300 mm (Carrera S)
Wheelbase 2350 mm
front 1486 mm
rear 1529 mm (Carrera)
1511 mm (Carrera S)
Luggage compartment
capacity to VDA standard: 135 litres (4.72 cu ft), overall
Fuel tank capacity: 64 litres (14.1 Imp gals)

Top speed 285 km/h (177 mph) (Carrera)
293 km/h (182 mph) (Carrera S)
Acceleration (sec)
0 – 100 km/h 5.0 (Carrera)
4.8 (Carrera S)
0 – 160 km/h 11.0 (Carrera)
10.7 (Carrera S)
0 – 200 km/h 17.5 (Carrera)
16.5 (Carrera S)
Standing-start km 23.8 (Carrera)
23.4 (Carrera S)

Fuel consumption, Carrera*
(EU standard):
Urban 16.1 (16.5) litres
Extra-urban 8.1 (8.1) litres
Composite 11.0 (11.2) litres

Fuel consumption, Carrera S*

(EU standard):
Urban 17.1 (17.9) litres
Extra-urban 8.4 (8.4) litres
Composite 11.5 (11.7) litres

CO2 emissions, Carrera*

(EU standard):
266 (270) g/km

CO2 emissions, Carrera S*
(EU standard):
277 (283) g/km

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  • Philippe

    Rear track of the Carrera S being narrower than a Carrera doesn’t seem plausible specially considering the wider wheels and tyres of the S.
    May be offset is different but you would think track shouldn’t be narrower.
    Are you sure that’s correct ?