10 facts about the new 992 Targa

Porsche has introduced the Targa 4 and Targa 4S to the 992-generation 911 lineup. But what can we learn about the new model after its worldwide premier last night? Here’s ten takeaway facts for Targa fans:

1) Essentially it’s the 991 Targa’s roof system on a 992 body & chassis

That brilliant system of roof kinetics debuted on the 991 remains for the 992 Targa, albeit with tweaks. Magnesium framing of the roof material means the section is now lighter, as is the glass wraparound screen. Porsche says it takes 19 seconds for the roof to operate, which is the same as the 991 Targa system.

2) There’s a healthy spec as standard

The new 911 Targa gets PASM and the innovative ‘Wet Mode’, introduced for the 992 generation, as standard. Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus is also standard on the 4S (and optional on the 4), with an electronic locking rear differential with fully variable torque distribution. The Targas get the same 3.0-litre, twin-turbocharged flat six as its 992 Carrera brethren, producing 385hp in standard spec and 450hp in ’S’ guise. The interior, meanwhile, is standard 992 fare – luxurious and exceedingly well built.

3) Manual is available as an option…

…on the Targa 4S only. However, it’s at no cost, and comes with Sport Chrono pack. Manual cars also get a mechanical limited slip differential. 

4) The 992 is quicker and faster than its 991.2 predecessor

Top speed in both the Targa 4 and Targa 4S has been incrementally improved over their respective predecessors, but it is the sprint from standstill which is most impressive. The 992 Targa 4 knocks a tenth of a second from the 991.2’s 0-100kph, at 4.2-seconds. The Targa 4S lops off an incredible four-tenths from the 991.2 Targa 4S’s 0-100kph time at 3.6-seconds. These times are with PDK, by the way. 

5) But it’s also heavier

Much heavier. The 992 variant is between 65-90kg heavier than before, but that depends on wether you choose Targa 4 or 4S with either manual or PDK transmission. Either way, this might be the fastest and quickest Targa yet, but it’s also quite comfortably the heaviest.

6) It has 992 Cabriolet underpinnings

Like all 992 models, the new Targa is widebodied-only, with a much wider front axle and more pronounced front arches over the 991.2 equivalent. In fact, the 992 Targa is essentially the same as the 992 Cabriolet, up to its roof line, with revised spring rates for this heavier, open-topped 911. The fact that PASM comes as standard is a big win for Targa fans – the revised technology has been a revelation for the 992 generation, and we’re hopeful it’ll provide a focussed yet supple ride for this beautiful boulevard cruiser.

7) Revised wheel and brake sizes

White the 992 Targa’s footprint is essentially the same as the 991.2 (8.5J-wide wheels at the front and 11.5J rear on 245/35 front and 305/30 rear tyres), diameter of the rear wheels has increased by an inch to 21-inches, in keeping with the 992’s commitment to staggered wheel sizes. The 992 Targa 4’s wheels are 19-inch front and 20-inch rear, on slightly narrower 235/40 and 295/35 tyres. The 992 Targa 4S’s brake discs have also been increased by 20mm at the rear for a 350mm-diameter all round. The Targa 4 has 330mm discs all round.

8) A range of cool colors are available

As the launch video shows, we think Guards red looks fabulous on the 992 Targa, but a range of vibrant colours are also available: take your pick from white, Lava orange, Racing yellow or Python green – we think you’d have to be brave to order the latter, however. The roll bar is also available in either silver or black, depending on the body colour you choose, and the roof can currently  be ordered in either black or red. 

9) It’s £10k more than the 991.2 was at launch

A slight gripe is the fact the 992 Targa 4S is fully ten grand more than the 991.2 equivalent from launch just four years ago. This is in line with much of the 992 range though, which has climbed in price over the 991-generation before it. The 992 Targa 4S is priced from £109,725 plus options, the Targa 4 starting at £98,170. 

10) Order it now and drive your 992 Targa from August

Porsche is actively taking orders now for the 992 Targa 4 and Targa 4S, with deliveries scheduled from August, meaning your Targa will be a 2021 Model Year 911, with new options available including InnoDrive and SmartLift. You can spec your Targa online via here.

Your full, in-depth look at the 992 Targas will be available in Total 911 issue 193, available to buy or download via here.

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